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At IPSA, the internship policy focuses on student awareness of global industrial and economic realities. Students are encouraged to go abroad during their training.

In company internships

Gaining experience

During internships, students apply their scientific knowledge and practical skills to real industrial projects and acquire solid experience. Ipsaliens develop their personal qualities and the taste for teamwork. They discover the importance of the human factor in business and are thus well prepared for their future positions of engineers, project managers and managers, from the beginning of their career.

Internships are spread out through the whole training period. So that at the end of their training each student will have had between 9 to 11 months in companies.

Internships, integrated into the training.

IPSA supports students in their choices and personal approaches to companies and provides them with all the tools necessary for an internship: internship office, courses, dedicated intranet, meetings with industrialists.

Each course is validated by credits allotted for integration in the company, an end of internship report and oral communication skills.

The internship in the last year represents half the graduation curriculum. It is an opportunity to implement all the skills acquired during training and to develop managerial qualities.

Its long duration and being at the end of the training cycle makes it an ideal opportunity to recruit future engineers


The international reputation of IPSA is represented by internships abroad: destinations are global, personal development is enhanced by the international dimension. From the early years, many students take summer jobs around the world, and some are involved in mixed programs (courses + jobs) especially in the United States. In 2015, 10% of students completed an internship abroad (17% of courses just before graduation).

Close to Industry

Throughout their time at IPSA students regularly meet industrialists, through trade or theme conferences, internships or company visits. Each year these opportunities are increasing and Ipsaliens acquire a comprehensive knowledge of companies in all sectors and global economic insight, which is the fundamental cultural veneer needed to start an engineering career.
Sometimes the story is at the heart of the debate (Conference on Concorde by Captain David Rowland, former Flight Captain and president of the Royal Aeronautical Society).

Our partner companies are involved in the successful integration of future Ipsaliens by hosting recruitment related sessions (simulated interviews, personal development counseling, résumés, etc.)