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The aerospace industry is a sector of the future, at the crossroads between the aeronautics and space sectors. It needs young qualified engineers to meet the challenges ahead.

The aeronautical sector

The aeronautics industry brings together the men and women who imagine, design and manufacture civil and military airplanes, drones or helicopters and those who find themselves at the controls of these machines.

A growing sector

The French aeronautics industry is experiencing a significant growth. Facing major changes, the sector is challenged by a number of issues:

  • Renewing an ageing fleet
  • Development of drone applications
  • Multiplication of R&D projects
  • To meet energy and environmental challenges.

Actors need to find qualified profiles to imagine the aircraft of tomorrow. IPSA’s young engineers are therefore highly sought-after profiles. Recruitment is booming, making the French aeronautics industry the leading sector for recruitment in France.

Recognized expertise

The real recognition of the French aeronautics industry on the international market allows future engineers wishing to start their career in aeronautics construction to seize real job opportunities in large groups but also in SMEs, subcontractors or specialized service companies.

The spatial sector

The space sector concerns the manufacture of systems (satellites, rockets, probes, etc.) and all flights in space, whether manned or unmanned.

A sector with a future

The space sector, like aeronautics, is a sector that is recruiting. Space activities are an integral part of the industry and the economy. France and Europe have understood the stakes involved in the conquest of space in order to maintain a prominent place in the world; the industry is stimulated and needs specialized engineers.

What is at stake?

Martian exploration, the VEGA launcher programs and research projects for space clean-up have revived the prospect of colonizing the planets of our solar system and knowledge of the cosmos.

The need for spacecraft, geographical, meteorological or military observation satellites is stimulated. Space is the privileged place for the observation and analysis of the Earth and the phenomena at stake for the future of our planet in terms of the environment and climate change.

The need for engineers, particularly in Research and Development, is important for a cutting-edge sector such as space.

Engineers in demand

This increase in the need for engineers trained in these sectors of activity, whether in the design, production, operation or maintenance of aircraft and their environment, is a consequence of the dynamism and growth that the French aerospace industry is experiencing.