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The training provided at IPSA enables young graduates to occupy specific positions in the aerospace field. The opening to engineering sciences also offers them the opportunity to occupy positions in other sectors of activity (automotive, defense, maritime, energy…).

Customize your academic career

Specializations of the IPSA curriculum

The engineering cycle allows students to specialize in the professional expertise path of their choice. They choose at the beginning of the Master’s between 5 majors specific to the aerospace field. In the 5th year, students refine their course by following one of the nine options.

Opening up to other business sectors

The diversity of the courses offered, combined with a background in engineering sciences, enables students to benefit from a generalist knowledge base and to exercise their expertise in sectors of activity related to aeronautics and space, such as automotive, defense, energy, maritime, etc.

Thus, IPSA students can enroll in innovative and job-creating activities such as UAV design, artificial intelligence, electric aircraft, big data and 3D printing.

Eric Boullier

95% of Formula 1 and motorsport in general are very similar to aeronautics, whether it is the processes, the materials, the trades… I was passionate about aviation, I was also passionate about motorsport because I was born next to Le Mans, with the famous 24 hours of Le Mans. I told myself that before making a career in aviation, I was going to try to see what I could do in motorsport.

Eric Boullier, Race Director, McLaren Racing

Some occupation examples

  • Flight Analyst
  • Aeronautical or space structural calculation engineer
  • Aeronautical or space test engineer
  • Aeronautical or space design office engineer
  • Aeronautical maintenance engineer
  • Project Management Engineer Aeronautics
  • Methods Engineer / Process Industrialization
  • Operational Safety Engineer
  • Mechanical Space Engineer
  • Business Engineers
  • Propulsion Engineer
  • Satellite Integrator Engineer
  • Production Engineer
  • Flight Operations Engineer
  • Quality Engineer

Ask us for the profession’s descriptions!