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At IPSA, the internship policy is focused on raising students’ awareness of global industrial and economic realities. Internships in companies are spread over the entire training course.

Interships in companies

Gaining experience

During internships, students apply their scientific knowledge and practical skills to real industrial projects and gain solid experience. Students develop their personal qualities and a taste for teamwork. They integrate the importance of the human factor in companies and are thus well prepared for their future positions as engineers, project managers and managers, from the very beginning of their career.

Internships, integrated into the training.

IPSA supports students in their choices and personal steps and provides them with all the tools they need to obtain an internship: internship office, courses, dedicated intranet, meetings with industrialists.

Each internship is validated by credits awarded on the criteria of integration into a company, report writing and oral communication skills.

The Master final year internship represents half of the final year curriculum. It is an opportunity to apply all the skills acquired during the course of study and to develop managerial qualities. Its long duration at the end of the cycle makes it an ideal opportunity for the recruitment of future engineers.

Industrial proximity

Throughout their studies, IPSA students regularly meet industrial partners, through business or theme conferences, internships, or company visits. Every year, these meetings multiply and students acquire a global knowledge of companies in all sectors and of global economic issues.

Our partner companies participate in the successful integration of future IPSAliens by leading sessions related to recruitment (simulated interviews, personal development advice, Résumé, etc.).

Business Forum

Each year, IPSA organizes its own Business Forum on its Paris campus to enable companies looking for young engineering talents to meet its current students or alumni.

Free of charge and open to all types of entities, from large groups to start-ups and SMEs, the IPSA’s Corporate Forum is a privileged meeting point between the workers in the field of innovation and those who will be working on it in the future.