IPSA provides you with all the information you need to serenely prepare your arrival at IPSA: visas and immigration, residence permit, healthcare, health insurance, accommodation, etc.


EU citizens are entitled to stay in France with their valid EU identification (passport). Non-EU citizens must apply for a long-stay visa before arriving in France. They must check the process with the consular authorities in their home countries. Requirements may depend upon country-specific agreements and are subject to change.

Basic documents required for a visa application are:

  • a valid passport
  • acceptance letter
  • a local address in France


Students living in a country with a Campus France office should visit their website in order to know the steps that should be followed (Section “Prepare your Stay, Obtaining a visa”).

Students living in a country with no Campus France office should contact the French Embassy of their country of residence. Upon arrival in France and according to the student’s immigration status, there may be several remaining steps to obtain a residence permit (such as the registration at the OFII –the French government Organization in charge of Immigration and Integration).

For more information about getting a visa and the type of visa you will need for your stay, visit the following webpage: https://www.campusfrance.org/en/the-different-types-of-visas


For reference only:

  • Tuition: waived for exchange students
  • Student health insurance (social security): free
  • Liability insurance: ~30€ / year
  • Residence permit (if needed): 60€
  • Rent: from 500 to 800€ / month
  • Transportation: 38€ / month
  • Food: min 200€ / month


EU citizens must have a European Health Insurance card issued by the appropriate authorities of their home country, as well as a photocopy of this document (or the E128 form). Non-EU citizens will automatically have to register to the French social security system upon arrival.

Non-EU nationals will automatically have to join the French social security system upon registration. The renowned French system of health insurance reimburses a portion of participants’ medical expenses.

For more information: https://www.campusfrance.org/en/registering-to-social-security


IPSA doesn’t have dormitories. However, IPSA gives its international students an access to an accommodation platform online where students can find different offers from private landlords, agencies and student residences, and book accommodation (rentals, colocations, homestay). They can have an assistance help desk to assist them with the paperwork when booking (in English, Chinese, French…).

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