IPSA delivers a Master’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering accredited by the CTI (Engineering Degree Commission).

The 2-year master’s degree is taught in the Parisian campus. Students complete the program with a total of 120 ECTS Credits.

The program consists of 3 academic semesters and one semester is dedicated to a compulsory internship.

Our program offers a wide range of academic choices. All along the program, students get to choose their studies between specialization, majors, and options. The diagram below gives an overview of the different possible studies in the master.

A5 S10 Final Internship (in industry or research lab) : 5 to 6 months
A5 S9 Airframe & Materials CAE Energetics & Propulsion EMO Space, Launchers & Satellites
Autonomous Airborne Systems SAA Embedded Information management & processing
Cybersecurity, Data & AI
Management des projets industriels 
Management de la production et du MCO
Internship in industry: 4 to 14 weeks
A4 S8 Mechanics & Structures
Energetics & Propulsion
Space, Launchers & Satellites
Mechatronic Systems
Embedded Systems & Telecommunication
A4 S7 Vehicles major   Signals & Systems major          

The Master is mostly taught in English, some courses are taught in French from the second semester. No knowledge of French is required to enter the master. However, students must reach the B2 level in French Language (according to CEFRL) in order to obtain their degree. Students will benefit from intensive French language lessons all along the program.


During internships, students apply their scientific knowledge and practical skills to real industrial projects and gain solid experience.

The Master includes two internships. The first one takes place in the 1st year and lasts 4 weeks minimum. The second internship lasts one semester; it will most likely lead the student to a first job.

In order to find an internship, students receive support to create contacts that will enable them to find an internship. This internship can be done in any country.

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