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The 5-year Aeronautical Engineering Program is an undergraduate + graduate full-time program. Its starts every year in late August/early September and it takes place in the Parisian Campus (Ivry-sur-Seine). It is a full English-taught program.

Upon completion of the 5-year program, the student is rewarded with the official “diplôme d’ingénieur” equivalent to a Master’s Engineering Degree recognized internationally.

All 5 years are mandatory in order to obtain the degree.   

The program is delivered in English and it is organized according to the French system.   

The 5-year program is a 2+3, which means that it includes:   

  • 2 years of fundamentals (classe préparatoire) with in-depth studies of Basics Sciences, Engineering Sciences and a touch of Aeronautics
    • Mathematics, Physics, Flight mechanics, Electronics, Algorithms etc.  
  • 3 years of Aeronautical Engineering courses and specializations  
    • in the 4th year the student will choose 1 major between Vehicles Major and Signals & Systems Major and different options 

The program is based on a balance between academic and practical activities: lectures, tutorials, seminars, design consultancy, projects related to industrial environments, and internships.   

The first 2 years involve many hours of study. Beginning with the 3rd and especially the 4th year, the student is the main actor in their training by choosing a major and different options allowing them to personalize their courses and obtain expertise in a field of their choice.   

Business conferences and international openness provide additional skills in building student’s critical thinking and ability to make decisions.  

The program includes 3 mandatory internships:   

  • a minimum 4-week internship at the end of the 2nd year  
  • a minimum 8-week internship at the end of the 4th year  
  • a 6-month internship during the 5th year (the second semester) –> it will most likely lead the student to their first job

During the 4th year of the program, all IPSA students pursue a study semester in one of our more than 110 partner universities in the world.  

  • intercultural workshops  
  • weekly French language classes  
  • IPSA student buddy  
  • assistance in finding accommodation and administrative procedures  
  • activities with IPSA International Student association  
  • they can also be part of one of IPSA 40 student clubs in the Parisian campus (either technical, sports, humanitarian or cultural clubs) 

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