The French aeronautics, space and defense electronics industry is at the forefront of Europe and is doing very well. In 2016, 10,000 people were recruited and forecasts for 2019 are in the order of 8,000, the majority of whom are highly qualified engineers open to the world.

Promo 2019, first job in aeronautics & space

94% of graduates found their first job within three months of leaving school, more than 50% of them are working for the aeronautics and space sectors: manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, subcontractors and SMEs. Engineering companies are still big recruiters and well established with customers. Some graduates have created their own companies. Attractive salaries were offered at the end of the school.

Salary range at exit
between €35,000 and €40,000 gross per year

Companies where our graduates of the class of 2019 work

Abylsen, Accenture, Actinvision, Airbus, Airbus Defence & Space, Airbus Helicopters, Aircalin, Akka, Align Aerospace, Alsim, Alten, Altran, AMES, Apside, Arianegroup, Arkadia, ASTEK, AUSY, Bertrandt, C2N, CapGemini, CGI France, CNIM, Corsair, Champtron Creative Labs, CRMA, CS Group, CT Ingénierie , CT Airsys, Dassault Aviation, Dassault Falcon Service, Dassault Systèmes, Dedienne Aerospace, Derichebourg Aeronautics Services, Direction Générale pour l’Armenent – DGA, Elsys Design, Embraer, Etandex, eXcent, EXOTRAIL, EXPLEO,, Fortil, HOP !, Ingeliance, Innovative Solutions In Space, Keyence, Latesys, LGM, Loft Orbital, MCA Ingenierie, MH2F Ingénierie, Mi-GSO, MOSS SAS, Naval Group, PMO Orlade, SAFRAN, SCALIAN, Sii, Sonovision, Sopra Steria, ST Composites, Technology and Strategy, Tecma Aries, Thales, Triumph Controls France, UAVIA.