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WELCOME TO IPSA, a unique engineering school !

IPSA is an engineering college offering a 5 year graduate syllabus specializing in aeronautical and space systems. Students acquire wide knowledge in various scientific fields and a practical approach to engineering.

IPSA Engineering School

The IPSA ‘Engineering Degree’

The ‘Engineering Degree’ issued by IPSA is a French Master's degree  accredited by the CTI*. It positions the holder as able to address any issue related to air and space. Graduates will have developed broad general engineering knowledge as well as highly specialized skills in the fields of aeronautics and space. The training at IPSA also allows graduates to work in other technically advanced fields similar to aerospace, such as automotive and maritime transport, where the techniques and technologies used are close to those in aeronautics.


The objective of the training is to ensure the acquisition of knowledge essential to high-level expertise and validate the knowledge necessary to exercise diverse responsibilities as they emerge in a career. Based on a balance between teaching and project work (related to typical industrial issues), the IPSA curriculum includes a strong aerospace dimension from the start of training, evolving over the years. The student shapes the training by choosing specific ‘technological majors’ during the engineering cycle, allowing him or her to individualize courses and obtain expertise in a chosen field.

Corporate conferences and international awareness are there to give additional skills that build critical thinking and the ability of the student to make decisions

* The ‘CTI’ (Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur) is a French independent body in charge of evaluation and accreditation of higher education institutions in the fields of engineering


The IPSA campus in Ivry-sur-Seine

The Institute provides a privileged environment for students. IPSA Paris is located on IONIS group's technology campus comprising ESME Sudria, ETNA, and IPSA.

IPSA Engineering School Paris

A multi-college technology campus near Paris:
The Paris -South campus colleges share more than 4000 m2 of classrooms, computer rooms, administrative offices …

These premises consist of:

  • Classrooms
  • Laboratories and workshops for practical work on mechanics, electronics and physics.
  • 1 research laboratory
  • 300 networked workstations
  • 1 equipped cafeteria
  • Several rooms dedicated to about twenty student associations.

Student life on the Paris-South campus.
The campus allows students of IPSA and ESME Sudria to share student association events. The campus is located near fast food restaurants and cafés, as well as numerous university halls of residence.

The IPSA campus in Toulouse

The IPSA site in Toulouse (where only the first 3 years of aeronautical engineering training is provided) enjoys the unique environment of this great aerospace capital.

A multi-college campus
The Toulouse campus, shared by IPSA, Epitech and ISEG Group, provides students with pleasant living conditions, collaborative work spaces and a dedicated incubator for start-ups allowing students and young graduate projects to develop in a protected environment.

Toulouse, aerospace capital
Toulouse is undoubtedly the ideal city for those passionate about aeronautics:

A graduate school of engineering close to the industry

In over 50 years of existence, IPSA has forged relationships and lasting partnerships with major players in the aerospace sector. These partners, voluntarily meet students and discuss various aspects (scientific, technical, cultural and economic) of the engineering profession. This proximity to industry allows IPSA, through its Development Council, to align training with the needs of the industry . Alumni, working in major companies in the sector readily return to their school to share their experiences with the future engineers at IPSA.


Implanted in a highly internationalized industrial sector, it is quite natural that IPSA focusses from the beginning on learning English as well as the need to gain international experience. Indeed, teaching in the 4th and 5th years is only in English.

Moreover, the college has created an ambitious foreign educational program, which corresponds to the real world and the ambitions of its students.
IPSA therefore has 40 partner universities worldwide, hosting students for a semester or an academic year.
IPSA has also been developing double degree agreements with several universities.

Passion is the principle motivation

If there is a school where passion is present, it's IPSA. The associations' projects, due to their complexity, reveal the passionate side of Ipsaliens. IPSA also organizes various events to enable its students to live their passion otherwise, such as a week dedicated to flying, presence at various air shows and gatherings including the famous meeting at ‘La Ferté Alais’ ...