Enrolling in an establishment of the IONIS Education Group means joining the French leader in private higher education.

Beyond the inherent benefits of its infrastructure, size and influence, it also brings the advantages of a common mindset built around a shared vision and strong values:

IONIS Education Group embodies a modern way of teaching because we are aware of the world’s transformations that surround us. We believe it is our duty to better understand families, students, youngsters and society’s evolutions so that we could always be relevant and effective.


IONIS Education Group was founded by Marc Sellam in 1980. Today, it is France’s leading private higher education group, with some 25 schools and educational institutions in 18 cities in France and abroad. The Group serves more than 28,500 students in business, marketing, communication, management, finance, IT, digital applications, aeronautics, energy, transportation, biology, design, and more.

IONIS Education Group’s mission is to train the next generation of business intelligence leaders; our students are constantly challenged to cultivate an international perspective, to maintain an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset, and to promote a culture of adaptability and change. This positions our students, and our 75,000+ alumni, as key players in the new economy.

The synergy between our schools is strengthened by the IONIS Digital System, our own digital network linking all campuses through the country with optic fiber (1,5Gbps Internet bandwidth), which is unique in the French education ecosystem.

Focus on our digital campus in the south of Paris

Our digital campus “Paris Sud” was built 10 years ago around a vision, an idea and a certainty:

For more than 18 years, IONIS Education Group has focused intensely on the teaching of ICT, creating new methods of learning based on project-focused pedagogy and constantly encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship in students.

Our goal is to train the next generation of engineers and experts who will be the key players of tomorrow's economy. Innovation requires an open mind and transversal experience and knowledge. We gather these various profiles to make students think and work together in the same way professionals do in the industry.

Facts and figures: