Located at the crossroads of the industrial and academic worlds, research is one of the fundamental axes of IPSA pedagogy. IPSA places innovation at the heart of its engineering training with its research laboratories dedicated to aerospace.

IPSA is aware of the importance of research at the heart of its training in order to better prepare graduates for innovation and creativity through a process of scientific and technological progress. This involves applied research in the field of aeronautics and space, with a strong focus on training in innovation through the involvement of students in research projects.


The development of research at IPSA has 4 major objectives:


As a pillar of IPSA, research is carried out in many ways within the school, whether through its laboratories or the projects carried out by its students as part of their studies or via the many technology-oriented associations. To highlight all these components and their richness, the Paris campus of IPSA organizes its annual Innovation and Research Day between January and February.


In addition, IPSA's scientific policy addresses the societal and industrial challenges of sustainable development (energy optimisation, intelligent materials, smart mobility), in particular by investing in the design and development of intelligent systems and by integrating data and decision sciences (data mining, machine learning, deep learning) into the curriculum. IPSA's Research and Innovation Department is responsible for all the school's research activities. It is divided into two teams: