an engineering  syllabus in 5 years

IPSA delivers specialized aerospace engineering training in a 5 year syllabus. Students first follow a 2 year ‘Prepa’ cycle to acquire basic scientific skills and then specialize in a 3 year engineering cycle to develop expertise in a field of their choice.

The ‘Prepa’ Cycle in 2 years: an integrated ‘preparation’ rich in projects

Both an integrated preparatory class and a first experience in engineering, the ‘Prepa’ cycle at IPSA (taught on the campuses of Paris and Toulouse) combines projects and traditional teaching. Its purpose is to bring students to the threshold of complete professionalism which will be developed in the Engineering cycle.”

Undergraduate Year 1 - The Basics

The IPSA’s 1st year of study allows its students to discover the numerous scientific fields during the first semesters. If Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry are a large part of the courses, because they are formative, Information Technologies and aeronautical subjects are already taught alongside foreign languages, technical projects and general knowledge.

Undergraduate Year 2

If Mathematics represents a large part of the 2nd year’s courses, Physics and Engineering Sciences become more and more important. Opening subjects, foreign languages and general knowledge still are a consequent part of the students’ education

Undergraduate Year 3

Fundamental sciences like Mathematics and Physics are now studied for practical purposes. Students learn to master fundamental technics of the aeronautical field, such as General Mechanics, Analogical Signal Treatment or Turbojet Engines. Elective seminars make them open their mind to different horizons and continue their learning of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) which are essentials.

The Engineering course in 3 years

The last three years at IPSA (taught only on the Paris campus) delivers specialist aerospace systems engineering training through Majors, transversal teaching and Expert Rolls in the last year.

Postgraduate Year 1

Students have the choice between several technological specialisations preparing them to practice a specific expertise and integrate the professional world in the best conditions. The students will also spend a semester abroad in order to open themselves to a different culture in a country of their choice.

  • Energetics & Propulsion
  • Mechanics & Structure
  • Mechatronic Systems
  • Embedded & Telecommunication Systems

Postgraduate Year 2

3 curriculums are proposed to the students in their last year of study. The objective is to allow them to acquire a specific expertise with a dominant feature (technological, managerial or international) while they develop their final project (‘Projet de fin d’études’). Furthermore, this last year ends with a 6 month internship.

3 curriculums
  • Engineering Expertise (3 choices) :
    • Aeronautical Systems Design
    • Space Systems Design
    • Management & Industrial Logistics
  • Double Degree IPSA-ISG MBA
  • Double Degree IPSA-Shenyang Aerospace University
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