Short Programs

Every year, IPSA offers three-week summer programs. These programs are the opportunity for students to come to IPSA for a unique learning experience.

The Summer school is offered in English and includes French language courses. Students earn 6 ECTS credits for the completion of this program.


The summer program aims at providing key concepts in design, modeling and control of micro aerial vehicles (MAVs) covering both theoretical and experimental aspects. In this regard, specific drone configurations will be studied. Detailed realistic simulations will be performed covering not only the drone’s motion but also aerodynamic design aspects regarding real-world applications.

The observational astronomy program aims at providing basics in observation techniques. It deals with fundamental astronomy, time-space reference systems, astrometry, ground-based observation, and sky object populations and descriptions. The theoretical part is completed with direct applications on site with first programs for pro-am collaborations.

étudiants en cours de physique à l'IPSA PARIS

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